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Music For Kids

   Sandii has combined her skills as a musician with her background in arts education. With a Masters Degree in Holistic and Integrative Education, 7 years as a classroom teacher, and for 20 years was a teaching artist for the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Orange County, CA. For many years, Sandii has created music shows, residencies, and workshops for schools, libraries, festivals, and children's events. They combine a hands-on experience, are educational, fun, and unique.  She is also one of the multi-arts music teachers at the prestigous Idyllwild Arts Summer Camp program, and taught ukulele at Skyland Girl Scout Camp in 2018.




Music Assemblies/Shows

Roots of American Music

Learn about the multi-cultural roots of American music while traveling with performers Sandii Castleberry and Paul Carman through the Appalachian Mountains down to New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz.  Performances on guitar, mandolin, banjo, spoons, dulcimer, canjo, harmonica, as well as flute, saxophone, clarinet and bass.  This 45-minute show concludes with students hand-picked from the audience to join onstage to experience collective improvisation, one of key principles covered in the program.




Happy Birthday America

Joined by talented folk musician John Penn, Sandii and John expertly through music tell the exciting stories behind America's patriotic songs and symbols.  Lots of visually stiumlating props, and whole group participation.  Great for patriotic holidays, to promote patriotism, or to support history/social studies standards.



Musicial Spoon Making/Playing - Make, play, decorate and keep a pair of music spoons. Basic musical concepts covered.

Dance, Colonial Style - Learn a rural American dance, find out what kind of dance George Washington liked, play folk instruments, 

Write a Song, Sing about History (or anything, as a matter of fact!) - Take a familar melody, brainstorm concepts that have been taught, and write a song.  Can also illustrate.





Residencies/Camps/After School Programs - Sandii can come to your school/library for as little as one day, one week, one month, and work with students by integrating music, movement, performance, instrument making, playing and/or integrate music concepts with core-subjects like math, history, and language arts. The residency can include a memorable culmination performance.





                          Other Shows Available Through Sandii:

Holiday Hoedown

Did you know that horses that pull sleighs through the snow wear bells because powdered snow is so quiet? How about that no two snowflakes are alike, just like people A fun performance for all ages that tell stories behind holiday songs and include the traditions of many cultures.

Singing the Way to Reading

A popular show with libraries that offer summer reading programs.  Sandii connects children's folk songs with children's literature in a fun, participative program. 

Other Themes (below)

Sandii can customize a 45-minute show under any theme!  Here are some ideas:  Halloween/Harvest  Presidents Day  Spring/Easter Bunny  4th of July/Patriotic   Winter/Christmas  Ocean/Pirates